Compass Clients Enjoy Donated Red Sox Tickets

In August, Ken Patrick, Compass supporter and Advisory Board member, generously donated Red Sox tickets for Compass to offer to a family in our programs. Telesha, a client in our FSS program in Cambridge, attended the game with two of her children. Janaya (12) was especially excited because she loves sports and the history of Fenway Park. She aspires to be a professional sports journalist in the future. Janaya makes her debut as a young sports journalist with her recap of the game here.

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
By: Janaya Mervin Blevins

It was the 8th inning and the Red Sox were on the plate. It was just about over since we were so far ahead, and there was no catching up. I wanted to leave but my mom had her heart set on catching a ball. “Trust me I can feel it, just hold on to my sweater and be ready to catch the ball.” I just said “ok” and I did what I was told. The ball would come to our direction but miss us every time. It was the 9th inning and I was just about ready to give up on this whole catching a ball thing until I heard screaming and yelling. I turned my head and there was a ball heading towards us. There were shouts and my mom said "get the sweater!"

I am so happy I listened to my mom! That was a wonderful day that I'll never forget. I can't wait to tell my grandkids this story.