Compass Shares: stories of homeownership

This month, we asked three Compass clients at different stages of the homeownership process to share about their experiences.

Rosa - FSS Program Graduate

Ernise - FSS Program Client


Ernise’s journey toward homeownership started when she found a job working overnight shifts at a domestic violence shelter. “Once I was able to find a job, I began to work on my other financial goals. One of my goals is to eventually own my own home for my family. I have a dream of stepping onto my own porch, and having a backyard, doing gardening, so that even if you live in the city it’s like you live in the country because you have your tomatoes, your greens right there to cook. I want to have that independence, and for my kids to have their own space.”

Since joining Compass, Ernise has been able to pay off most of her debt, keep track of her spending, and increase her credit score. She has since moved on from her job at the domestic violence shelter, and now works as a Money Management Specialist to help families manage their money and pay their bills on time. Ernise is confident: “I know one day that my children will benefit from my hard work. I had to make a lot of changes to be where I am today. The journey to get to my goals is still a process, but I know I will reach it.”

Vilmarys - FSS Program Graduate

"When I came to Compass, I wanted to have our own space, to be in a better neighborhood. I wanted to be able to move forward. I wanted my own house." With that goal in mind, Vilmarys first set to work to rebuild her credit. With the help of her Compass financial coach, she was able to settle her collection accounts and start repairing her credit. She also built her savings - learning ways to free up part of her income and save it towards a down payment.

In May of 2014, Vilmarys got the keys to her own home. And now that she has reached that goal, she is setting new ones: she is planning on going back to school to earn her degree and increase her income, and she will soon receive a license to run an in-home daycare.