Resource Highlight: The CWE

The CWE, or Center for Women in Enterprise, has a mission of providing opportunities for women entrepreneurs. At Compass, we reached out to the CWE to learn more about their mission, their services, and how our clients can get help with their small business plans. Edwidge LaFleur, the Program Manager of the Eastern Massachusetts branch of the CWE, was happy to highlight some key points for our clients:

What services does the CWE provide?

The CWE provides a multitude of services for clients at various stages of small business development:

·         An introductory workshop offering the opportunity for clients to assess their business concept, develop ideas, and identify characteristics they share with successful entrepreneurs.

·         A range of multi-week programs offering information on different aspects of how to start, build, and grow your business.

·         A popular 10-week business planning program, offered at the Downtown Boston Center but also on a complementary basis in Roxbury, Mattapan, and Dorchester.

·         One-on-one counseling with experts in various fields (for example, a lawyer to discuss legal issues, or a business specialist to help with your business plan).

·         The CWE also offers a certification program to get your business WBENC certified. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certification is a widely relied-upon certification for women-owned businesses interested in bidding on corporate contracts.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?

According to Ms. LaFleur, confidence is one of the most important ingredients to small business success. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to build on it and create an action plan. It all starts by having confidence in your dreams and ideas.

Who can you contact?

As always, feel free to go to your Compass coach to learn more, or visit to get a better picture of the CWE’s services and sign up for events!

You can also contact Madeleine Lutts, Program Assistant at the Eastern Massachusetts branch, at (617) 532-0254. She would be happy to provide you with information about upcoming classes and opportunities.

For Rhode Island residents, you can contact the Rhode Island branch by phone at (401) 277-0800 and by email at