We work with mission-aligned partners to expand the scope and impact of the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

Compass Working Capital is an innovative nonprofit financial services organization that supports families to build assets and financial capabilities as a pathway out to greater economic opportunity, and up and out of poverty. We have developed and refined an approach to the FSS program that builds on expert research, the principles of a national asset building movement, and over ten years of on-the- ground experience working with low-income families.

Through our National FSS Network, we put our proven program model in the hands of mission-aligned partners around the country to help them incorporate aspects of our model into their own local FSS programs. Our team provides the tools, training, and expertise to improve an existing FSS Program (in partnership with Public Housing Authorities) or to launch a new one (in partnership with Multifamily Owners). We also connect partners with a national network of practitioners to help us all learn from each other, share promising practices, and shape national policy and practice. Together, we turn “HUD’s best kept secret” into a powerful engine for families to put their financial goals and dreams within reach.

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Compass FSS Program Results

At Compass, the true measure of our success is whether the families we serve reach the dreams and aspirations they have for a stronger financial future. We are focused on getting at what really works when it comes to empowering families to build savings and assets as a pathway out of poverty. The final report from a recent rigorous, multi-year, and quasi-experimental study of our FSS Programs by Abt Associates showed that participants earned more and received less welfare payments than their matched peers and that they achieved positive credit and debt outcomes that exceeded benchmarks. Key results include:


Average Increase in Household Earnings

Average Improvement in Credit Score

Average Change in Credit Card Debt

Check out Abt Associates' multi-year study of our Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs in partnership with local housing authorities in Lynn and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Network Benefits

Compass FSS Program Assessment

Evaluate your program across the ten dimensions critical to a high-performing FSS program developed based on more than ten years of expertise. Our team will work with you to help assess your program and develop a plan that will drive action on the highest-priority improvements.

On-Demand Access to Tools, Templates, and Web-Based Trainings

Access our web portal for tools, templates, and webinar archives to support effective program management and financial coaching. Includes access to simple, step-by-step resources on a variety of financial topics commonly faced by clients and Compass's financial workshop curriculum.

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Innovative Learning Network

Connect with mission-driven peers from around the country who are running programs just like yours at our Annual Convening and all year long. Benchmark your program against other network partners each quarter to track progress and identify areas to improve.

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Hands-On Training and Mentorship

Our highly skilled Compass Financial Coach mentors will help you understand Compass’s coaching philosophy and teach the coaching skills and the financial knowledge needed to help clients put their financial goals within reach. Receive ongoing support on the most challenging cases while integrating these new skills into client appointments.

Tailored Technical Assistance

Compass knows how to overcome common barriers to running a high-performing FSS program and can help you address issues facing your program. Increase program enrollment, increase graduation rates, or streamline policies and procedures.

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For Multifamily Properties: Step-by-Step Guidance to Launch a New FSS Program

Are you a multifamily property owner or manager new to FSS? Compass pioneered the first Multifamily FSS programs using its innovative program model and has launched more Multifamily FSS programs than any other organization in the country at properties big and small. Get access to tools, templates, and other resources to plan, launch, and operate a new FSS Program, including a customizable HUD Action Plan Template, sample program policies and processes, and a tailored multi-day training to get property management and resident services teams aligned and prepared to launch.

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Finally! this network is exactly what we’ve been looking for. The tools, training, support, and renewed energy for our FSS program that we have gained will provide motivation to empower participants towards a positive financial future.
— Joni Boissonneault, Self-Sufficiency Program Manager, Portland Housing Authority

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