How do I attend my online coaching appointment?

  1. You will receive an email from your Compass Coach that contains your unique link to the online meeting, for example:

  2. Copy and paste the link to your web browser (Google Chrome tends to work best)

  3. You will see a screen that offers to install or launch the Ringcentral Meeting app.


4. If you cannot install the Ringcentral Meeting app, there’s a link that will allow you to “join from your browser”. This method will only allow you to view your coach’s screen, but will not let you video conference.

*You can also join your meeting from your phone using the Ringcentral Meeting app for iOS or Android. From you phone, click the same link that your coach sends you, and the meeting will launch in your phone app. We recommend that you connect to a Wi-Fi network as video calls can use a substantial amount of data on your phone plan.