Stephanie, saving for her daughter's college education

For families living in poverty, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you.

You want to get ahead, but you’re one emergency from falling behind – a car that won’t start, an unexpected hospital bill, or losing a job.  And often times you want to get ahead, but public welfare programs make it difficult to increase your income or save money – making you feel entrapped in poverty rather than creating a pathway out.

At Compass Working Capital, we have learned that low-income families are able to get ahead when they have the chance to build savings and assets. Assets are how we get ahead in this country: buying a home; investing in an education  to get a better-paying job, or saving so our children can; starting a business, or saving for emergencies. 

To build savings and assets, you need a few things: financial capabilities, strong financial guidance, and access to high-quality financial products and services. All things that are out of reach for most low-income families.

Compass is changing that. Through our programs, we are putting the tools to build assets and financial capabilities into the hands of low-income families and empowering the families we serve to build a pathway out of poverty.