May 7, 2013: The Wall Street Journal investigates the push by some public housing authorities to impose time limit and work requirements on residents. Through the Moving To Work Initiative discussed in the article, Compass partners with Cambridge Housing Authority to operate a Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program aimed at supporting residents of subsidized housing to build savings and financial capabilities as a pathway out of poverty.

In response to a question on how housing authorities can do more to create incentives for low-income families to improve their situation, Compass Founder and Executive Director Sherry Riva commented that the ideal would be for housing authorities to tell residents when they receive their subsidy that “your housing is stable. Congrats, take a deep breath. What’s next?”

The Compass FSS program provides residents of subsidized housing with the guidance and support necessary to build a stronger financial future for themselves and their family. Compass’s long-term vision is to integrate financial coaching and asset building into the fabric of subsidized housing and other public benefit programs.

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