Compass supports families with low incomes to build assets and financial capabilities as a pathway to greater economic opportunity, and out of poverty.

We seek to identify and leverage opportunities to integrate asset building and financial capability strategies into markets and programs that serve families with low incomes.


Our work begins and ends with a fundamental, unwavering belief in people and in their ability to achieve their goals and dreams. It also builds on the research and practice of a broader asset building field, which has demonstrated the key role that assets and financial capabilities play in breaking the cycle of poverty.

We approach our work in two key ways: first, by operating best-in-class financial coaching and savings programs that serve families in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. At the heart of these programs is our method of individualized, client-driven financial coaching and education that helps participants chart and follow a path to reach their financial goals and become more financially secure.

To learn more about our local programs, including our flagship model for the federal Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, click here.

We also pursue opportunities to shape national practice and policy in ways that more deeply integrate asset building and financial capability strategies into anti-poverty programs. Our primary effort in this regard is our National FSS Network, which aims to expand the scope and impact of the FSS program on a national scale. Click here to learn more about our national work.

For more information on our efforts to shape national practice and policy, view our statement of policy priorities